I wrote a couple of things ...

... that have nothing whatsoever to do with paperlegends and I may actually be doomed.

My friend Christina dragged me into One Direction (shutup) and then this happened to me: http://cherrybina.tumblr.com/post/48278017590/niallscanadiangirl-they-are-thrusting-holy-fuck
and I have no defence at all against Zayn's face, so.

I resisted writing it for a really long time because pervy old lady but then I accidentally stood on the shards of my shame in the middle of the night and these happened ..

Harry/Michael Clifford (guy from 5 Seconds of Summer who Harry's been snuggling with). Basically it's tour bus porn: http://archiveofourown.org/works/765993

And then I got linked to the above gif set and somehow wrote Zayn/Niall A/O knotting/heat porn in three hours at work yesterday: http://archiveofourown.org/works/766427

... I got nothing. I need to get onto paperlegends - lol.

21 first lines meme

Ganked from .... ... everyone.

1) "You sure?" Tony turns to glance at Bruce as he puts his foot down, resettling in his seat.

2) It’s the smell that draws him.

3) It might be expected that when Sherlock dreams, he dreams of flight. Or perhaps falling.

4) Richard first sees Peter in 1963, at a club.

5) Sherlock stands outside the door of the club, his eyes closed.

6) They meet at Oxford.

7) The first time; after the first time - Sherlock lays John out on his back, on the bed, and studies him with the same intensity he studies bodies at a crime scene.

8) The music feels different.

9) "So - is there anything about it that you miss?"

10) Adam moves through the party easily; a drink in one hand; the other free to slap someone's back, or pinch someone else's ass; or sling an arm around a shoulder, fake-smile in place as a picture is taken.

11) Adam knows he's made a mistake, as soon as the words are out there.

12) "So how’s the tour going?"

13) Adam locks his car, and curses at the rain, coming down heavy as he’s crossing the road.

14) Being around water always makes Adam feel good.

15) Tommy gives the illusion of constant movement, but he's really a still kind of person.

16) It's not something Tommy's ever told anyone.

17) Cobb wakes up as a large wave buffets him to the shore. Again.

18) Adam had thought the club was an urban legend.

19) Tommy closes his eyes and puts his hands flat on the bar.

20) Sunset is the most painful time of day.

21) The fall can be beautiful. And the fall can take centuries.


So it's time to start freaking out, I believe

First check-in is on March 22 which is waaaay too close for me, given that I've written 900 words of. Uh. Something.

I mean, it was supposed to be a circus thing, or a space circus thing with Merlin/Mordred but what I started writing was psychic!junkie!hooker!Mordred set in the ~future which is kind of grimy and a bit Bladerunner-ish though probably not very Bladerunner-ish.

I have no idea what the story's about but there's something about hooker!Mordred that I find ... appealing. It's still Merlin/Mordred as far as I know but I'm completely at the mercy of the bunnies, so anything could happen.

Kink bingo!

Editing post to add Cotton Candy bingo card:

Heart (Shape) Being silly Sunshine and blue skies Piercing / Tattoo / etc Locked out
Heirloom / Antique Huddling under covers Day off Surprise Lonely / Alone
Food Hats WILD CARD Four seasons (one or all) Secret admirer
The little things Silk / Satin Playing music Hug Sleeping
Watching someone Sing Moon Glow-in-the-dark Morning

I haz a card!

bondage (other) tickling animal play medical kink double penetration
caning electricity dressup temperature play vanilla kink
chastity devices spanking / paddling wildcard class fantasies bodies and body parts
mechanical / technological scars / scarification tattoos / tattooing pervertibles plushie or furry kink
nippleplay / tit torture guns / blades shaving / depilation sex toys (non-penetrating) obedience